iGears Technology Limited (iGears)

iGears is an experienced one-stop IT solution provider with a strong experience in HTML5 web design, web development, e-marketing, Mobile App Development and software development. MobPage is the professional mobile app development team under iGears, and during these years, we produced over 70 apps in different uses. With iGears strong technical support, MobPage will keep moving and develop more tools and games for mobile users.

iGears是一個有經驗的一站式IT解決方案供應商,具有豐富經驗的HTML5網頁設計,網站開發,網絡推廣,手機軟件開發和軟件開發。 MobPage 是iGears旗下的專業手機應用程式研發團隊,並於近年內研發超過70多個手機應用程式。有賴iGears強大的技術支持,MobPage 會繼續研發更多手機應用和遊戲給廣大用戶。


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